DNX FOOD Recipes Merry Christmas from Team RecipeTin!

Merry Christmas from Team RecipeTin!

Merry Christmas from Team RecipeTin! post thumbnail image

A very big Merry Christmas from Team RecipeTin!!

RecipeTin Team Christmas 2023

We really did try for a respectable photo. Think – iPhone set up precariously on a DIY tripod involving a ladder, upturned bucket and jam jar to hold it upright. She sets the timer, yells “SMILE EVERYONE!”, dashes into the shot.

Multiple takes later, with feedback such as “STEPHEN WHY DO YOU LOOK STRESSED” and “HERRON, STOP HIDING!!!”, this was the best of the bunch:

RecipeTin Team Christmas 2023

Which, truthfully, looks entirely awkward and is not us at all.

THIS is us:

RecipeTin Team Christmas 2023

One take was all it took!

The RecipeTin Crew

So there I am with my motley crew on the last day of work at our new RecipeTin Meals food bank kitchen. Starting from the front left:

  • RecipeTin’s head Chef JB who has become very much a part of the face of RecipeTin over the past year, touring Australia with me for food demo events and working alongside me every single day to create, test, photograph and film the recipes on our website and other publications;

  • Mama RecipeTin aka the Queen, the voice, cook and photographer behind RecipeTin Japan and the one person who will tell me off without hesitation, in front of anyone, at any time;

  • Me!

  • Dan-the-Man, our Kitchenhand at RecipeTin Meals!

  • Herron my video editor, hiding on the very left, our shy, innocent one – until she unleashes her wicked sense of humour….

  • Elke, the most recent addition to our team, my new assistant. Only with us for 2 months, but it feels like 2 years!

  • Chef Hannah, part of our RTM team, trying to hide. Do not let her size fool you, she is a pocket rocket in the kitchen!

  • My brother Goh, IT guru and a walking food encyclopaedia. His knowledge about foods and cooking from all around the world is mind-blowing.

  • Inggrid our human calculator who makes sure our books are squeaky clean and that I’ll never go to jail for tax fraud; and

  • Stephen, hiding at the very back, our boss Chef at RTM. One of the funniest people I have ever met in my life – and also the man at the helm of the RecipeTin Meals kitchen where we have never, ever missed a meal delivery to those in need since we started.

I call us a “motley crew” because any outsider looking at us would see a mish-mash of people from all walks of life, representing 8 different countries, yet all Australian at heart. Together, with Mr Dozer, we make up Team RecipeTin, and we want to wish you all a very, very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Dozer Christmas 2023

Ah, yes, speaking of Dozer! He wasn’t in the team photo because it was at RTM which is a proper commercial kitchen subject to health and safety regulations. Which includes – no dogs. Which we do not complain about because these rules are in place for a reason.

But, as you would know, Christmas related photos of Dozer are in no way lacking. In fact, my camera roll is filled with them:

Dozer Christmas 2023

Ahh look, here he is, claiming ownership of a present that isn’t his (but it does contain food – so we must all commend him for his superior sense of smell):

Dozer Christmas 2023

Then there he is a mere 5 minutes later – given up. Dozer! I’m surprised, you know perseverance is rewarded!

Dozer Christmas 2023

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for cooking along with us, your kind messages of support as we’ve moved through (another!) year of many firsts, from searching for and finding a new kitchen for RecipeTin Meals, touring Australian with the Good Food and Wine Show, TV slots, magazine shoots, hosting reader dinners, selling my forever home, living in the RT office (yes I’m still living at work!!😭). We visited Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, MUDGEE, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and next year we’ve got Adelaide & Tasmania in our sights!!

Through it all there’s been so much laughter, and SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. And you, our readers, you are the reason we are here doing what we do and the reason we love what we do. The feedback you give us, the emails you send, the messages you leave on recipes, the interactions on social media – you are our community, our world, the reason we get so much joy in what we do.

So THANK YOU!! Sending you all a giant virtual hug!

I’ll be offline for a few days from today until the 28th of December. I’ve been answering some emergency cries for help on top-hitting Christmas recipes here on my website and no doubt if I happen to spot some during my “break”, I won’t be able to resist. So leave your questions on the recipe!

Merry Christmas everyone! – Nagi & Dozer x ❤️

Dozer Christmas 2023

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