DNX FOOD Recipes Cucumber lime jalapeno granita for oysters

Cucumber lime jalapeno granita for oysters

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This Cucumber Lime Jalapeño Granita for oysters is summer perfection! Tang from lime, freshness from cucumber and a hint of spice of jalapeño blitzed, frozen, scraped into icy shavings then piled onto oysters. I can eat a lot of this. A LOT.

Cucumber lime granita for oysters

Granita for oysters – so good!

I feel like people think that “granita” is a fancy dish that’s difficult to make. But it’s actually not. It is literally flavoured liquid that’s frozen then scraped into shavings using a fork.

You see it used for dessert, palette cleanses, garnishes and sides for savoury courses.

In this recipe, I’m using it as a topping to serve oysters. Not a mind-blowing original idea I’ve come up with, this is something you’d see here and there on the menu of trendy bistros throughout summer.

It’s easy to make – literally just a 10 second stick blender blitz, freeze, scrape, then pile onto oysters. And the nice thing is that you can make it well ahead then just pull it out when you need it!

Cucumber lime granita for oysters

Ingredients for Cucumber Lime Jalapeno Granita for oysters

Here’s what you need to make this:

Cucumber lime granita for oysters
  • Cucumber – We need half a cup of the flesh only. So, peel the skin off, scrape the watery seeds out then chop the flesh. Why remove the skin? Because it leaves tough little dark green spots throughout the granita. And the watery centre dilutes the cucumber flavour, not to mention the pesky seeds.

  • Jalapeno – Adds a subtle hint of background spice into the granita. It’s not a spicy granita. Freezing actually dulls the spiciness of jalapeno.

  • Lime – The zest for lime flavour and juice for fresh limey tang.

  • Sugar – To balance the flavours. I tried without, and I thought it was too sharp.

Cucumber lime granita for oysters

How to make Lime Cucumber Jalapeño Granita for oysters

  1. Just blitz the granita ingredients until smooth – it only takes about 10 seconds.

Cucumber lime granita for oysters
  1. Freeze for 6 hours until fully frozen, scrape with a fork to create shavings.

Cucumber lime granita for oysters
Cucumber lime granita for oysters
  1. Then spoon onto oysters. Be generous, pile it high! It’s so good!

Cucumber lime granita for oysters

No video today, because I’m in the throes of last minute Christmas madness and this is a simple recipe so I figure you’ll survive! 🙂 Also, I shared 2 more oyster recipes today – see them here.

This one’s made for a summer Christmas, dedicated to fellow Aussies. I hope you love it! – Nagi x

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Cucumber lime granita for oysters

Cucumber lime jalapeno granita for oysters

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Servings12– 24 oysters
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Ice cold shavings of lime-cucumber-jalapeno granita goes so well with oysters, especially on hot summer days! I fiddled with the quantities a lot before landing what I think is the perfect balance. Great one to make now and serve tomorrow or even next week. I like that it’s something a little bit different but still easy. Impresses everyone!Makes enough for 24 oysters.


  • 1/2cupcucumber, peeled, watery seeds removed, diced into ~1cm/1/2″ cubes
  • 1tsplime zest
  • 3tbsplime juice
  • 2tspcaster sugar
  • 1tbspfinely chopped jalapeño, deseeded (Note 1)


  • 12 – 24oysters(Note 2)
  • Jalapeño slices, for decoration (optional)


  • Granita – Place ingredients in a jug just large enough to fit a stick blender. Blitz until smooth – it should be like a smoothie. Pour in a small container so the depth is no deeper than 3cm / 2.2″. Freeze for 6 hours+.
  • Scrape – Use a fork to scrape into shavings (it’s not hard). Use immediately or return to freezer until required.
  • Serving – Place oysters on a serving platter. (Note 3)

Recipe Notes:

1. Jalapeno – this amount provides just a subtle hint of spiciness to keep things interesting but by no means makes this spicy. Freezing dulls the spiciness of jalapeno quite a lot.2. Oysters – Both Sydney Rock (smaller, stronger flavour) and Pacific (fleshier, cleaner flavour) oysters are great. These are the two main varieties here in Australia. Flavour and quality comes down to where they are grown. I love: Tasmanian, Merimbula, Port Stephens, Batemans Bay, Boomer Bay. But there are many more from around Australia that are great I haven’t tried or I don’t see them here in Sydney!3. Serving oysters are typically served on bed of ice at restaurants to keep them cold and provide a stable base. Rock salt is an alternative (though have to discard), otherwise, a bed of leafy greens (whatever’s cheap at the time eg watercress, kale)Leftovers will keep for at least a month in the freezer (scraped or unscraped).

Life of Dozer

Dozer’s doing pretty well this Christmas season! Some homemade treats he received today from Mrs C’s (my chilli crisp source 😊), made by Mrs C herself! Pretty cool!


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