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Pressing Pause – feels like failure

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be pressing pause on new recipes for the next two to three weeks so I can devote some uninterrupted time on the cookbook.

Making of a cookbook Part 3

It takes a lot for me to concede defeat and accept that I can’t do it all – run a business*, renovate a home, work on a cookbook and maintain my existing recipe posting schedule. Lockdown certainly didn’t help matters to increase my workload – though on a cheerier note, as of Monday of this week, the lockdown rules have been substantially relaxed here in Sydney. 🙌🏻

I found myself getting up earlier and earlier (currently 4.30am 😩), going to bed later and later. And while I always declare that I operate best under pressure, the reality is I’m only human and darn it, I need my beauty sleep!!!

* Yes​, I finally realised this year that I have a real business! This “it’s just a food blog” somehow grew into a proper business over the past year with a team of 9, including RecipeTin Meals, the recently established philanthropic division where we use recipes from the website to make homemade meals for the vulnerable community here in Sydney.

I’m in a particularly intensive planning stage of the cookbook right now and am struggling to split my focus between new recipes for the website and the cookbook. To be honest, it was the cookbook that was suffering – because I would never hit ​publish on a recipe I didn’t give my all.

So on Sunday night, I made the call for the first time ever since I started the website – to temporarily press pause on new recipe content for this website. 

It somehow feels like failure – this is my job after all – and like I’m letting my team down. We worked so hard to create a stash of new recipes to get ahead, test and retest them, make videos and photos. There’s weeks’ of digital media for ridiculously delicious new recipes ready to go, just waiting for me to write up.

The problem? It takes anywhere between 4 to 8 hours to write the posts, depending on the complexity of the recipes. As an example, last weeks’ Flan Patissier? That took me a good 8 hours to write the post, edit the photos, do the step photos, describe the ingredients and write the recipe. And many multiple times that in recipe development and testing time!

Yes, a lot goes on behind the scenes to produce the recipe content that gets published on this website. And I love everything about what I do, and I look forward to getting back to it!

But for now, the cookbook. I’m going to give myself 3 weeks to make a big dent in the cookbook, then I’ll be back with new recipes!

In the meantime, you may see some old favourites coming back to the homepage over the next few weeks with new videos or photos that I’ve had ready to go.

And, well, you know me. I probably won’t be able to resist popping back into your inbox to let you know how I’m getting on, and a peek behind the scenes of the making of the cookbook!

Until then, stay well! I’ll be back with brand new recipes before you know it.

Love – Nagi & Dozer 🐶 x

Making of a cookbook Part 3
Version A, or B?? Let’s see which is better, shall we?

REMINDER: Mock cover! Mock cover! 😇

RecipeTin Eats Cookbook Announcement

Life of Dozer

New discovery during cookbook recipe development – how to make Dozer eat carrots!!! Puree them with a hint of spicing, top with a braised baby carrot, drizzle with organic olive oil and finish with an edible flower. 😂

Making of a cookbook Part 3

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